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With our knowledge and technical background we offer the production of sparkling wine from own wine to wine makers. We will give you advice on how to prepare the wine and we will prepare "liqueur de tirage" according to the French recipe for you.

We are able of putting your wine in bottles and if needed we can also provide storage for it.

Please contact Vladimir Hribal if you are interested.


We disgorge all of our sparkling wine on original man-operated machines from France and we source all of our chemical from the Institut Oenologique de Champagne, which had been cooperating with us for a long time now. The whole process is conducted in bonded warehouse (as required by the Czech legal regulations ) and can also do the administration for you.

For corking, we use high quality corks from France (Barangé) or corks supplied by the customer.

Our French partners according to graphic materials supplied by the customer can customize wire cages and corks.

1. příprava vína
1. Preparation of wine
2. lahvování
2. Bottling
3. kvašení
3. Second fermentation
4 setřásání
4. Riddling
5. schlazení
5. Cooling
6. degoržování
6. Disgorging
7. dozážní likér
7. Expedition liqueur
8. adjustace
8. Adjustment, legislative administration

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